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JoyMusicLove will feature you!

Are you a musician with original content and a loyal fan base? Do you want to perform at a live event that showcases your talent and exposes you to new audiences? If yes, then JoyMusicLove is helping create that the perfect opportunity for you! JoyMusicLove currently sponsors "Live at the Wolf", a music show hosted and produced by Raphael Anthony, a music promoter and visual artist with two years of experience in the industry. The show is held every Friday @ 8pm at The Wicked Wolf cocktail bar (Long Beach, CA). If you want an opportunity you need to join JoyMusicLove and create a free music profile. That's how you'll get a chance to showcase your talent and get paid! Contact us for more information!

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What to expect

JoyMusicLove is looking for musicians who have something fresh and unique to offer, and who are ready to rock the stage with their own sound and style. 

As a performer at Live at the Wolf, you will get: 
1.    Professional sound equipment and support
2.    Eye-catching flyers and posters to promote your show
3.    High-quality photography and videography services 
4.    A chance to network with other artists and industry professionals 
5.    A share of the ticket sales 


If you are interested, please contact us and make sure your JoyMusicLove profile is ready! JoyMusic Love will continue to try to get more opportunities to help everyone get that star treatement.

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